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Our mission is to support, promote, advance and encourage the revitalization of the community as a thriving, safe and attractive place to live and work; to inform and educate the members of the association and the public about community issues; to provide a forum to address community objectives and issues; to build a strong community trough communication, cooperation, planning and leadership; to build a strong partnership between business owners, property owners, tenants and residents to ensure community involvement; and to enhance our quality of life.

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Our Neighborhood


Howard Park is centered by Liberty Heights Avenue and is convenient to the Baltimore Beltway and many modes of public transportation.

Our History


Formed in 1947, Howard Park is one of the oldest continuous operating homeowner associations In Baltimore City.

Our Programs


We have two 21st Century schools that opened in the last few years, the historic Ambassador Theater will be renovated, and repurposed, and currently in development, our own serenity park

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