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Meet Jaron

Updated: Apr 20

Hello, my name is Jaron Harris. I am 16 years old, and I currently live within the area of Howard Park. I moved here from Cherry Hill with my family because we were looking for somewhere bigger and better to live so that my family could be more comfortable.

What we like about Howard Park are the amazing service/volunteer opportunities! All around the neighborhood, there are many opportunities for youth and adults to register and participate in, like writing this blog! One of our favorite opportunities is the lawn mowing businesses like D&J Lawn and Tree services. Although we haven't been able to cut grass and rake leaves as much as we wanted to this year because we never had the time. However, we did come across some lawn mowing businesses coming up for the spring and probably plan to put some of us to use in the future!

Something else we also like is the quiet neighborhood. Our neighborhood consists of quiet and active neighbors, a peaceful atmosphere, playgrounds and parks, a GOLF COURSE NEARBY, and not to mention, my neighborhood has some good-looking houses :). We like Howard Park and plan to extend our stay here!!

Jaron Harris

Resident of Howard Park

Student at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School

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